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Annual General Body Meeting (GBM) – 2020

Venue :: Anatomy Lecture Hall, Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Date :: 14/03/2020
Time :: 11:00 am to 12:00 noon

The General Body Meeting was held during the Ninth National Conference of Society of Clinical Anatomists (SOCA)

The members present for the General Body Meeting were as per the Register. Apology of absence was received from Dr. Ravichandran, Editor in Chief - SOCA, Dr. Kavimani, Treasurer – SOCA, Dr. Kumar Sathish Ravi, Joint Editor– SOCA, Dr. Anupama Mahajan and Dr. Monika Lalit Piplani, the EC Members – SOCA. Since the required quorum was available, the President, Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath welcomed all the members who were present and declared order to convene the General Body Meeting of the Society of Clinical Anatomists.
  1. Annual Report by the General Secretary : The annual report of the Society of Clinical Anatomists was presented by the General Secretary, Dr. N. Muthukumaravel. He briefed about the growth of the society since 2011 and also last year activities of the society. He informed that the SOCA had facilitated in organizing a CME - “Embryo - Gen-2020” by Dr. V. Anitha at Govt. Medical College, Villupuram, Tamil Naduon 09.01.2020. He appreciated Dr. Jitendra Patel, the Organizing Secretary of the 9th Annual Conference of the society and the team for accepting and organizing the same in a very short notice. He also reported that till then 1596 anatomists have become members of the society. The members unanimously approved the General Secretary’s Report.

  2. Annual Report by the Treasurer : The interim report of the Finance for the Year 2019-20 (AY 2020-21) was presented by Dr. S. Karthick, Joint Treasurer. The statement of accounts of the Society was made available for the member's perusal. The members unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report.

  3. Report by Editor-in-Chief of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy : Since Editor-in-Chief and the Joint Editor of the National Journal of Clinical Anatomy (Society’s journal) could not attend the meeting, the President of SOCA read and summarized the report sent by the Joint Editor, Dr. Kumar Sathish Ravi.

    The income and expenditure details of National Journal of Clinical Anatomy for 2019-20 were presented to the members. In his report, the Joint Editor requested the President of SOCA to send a letter of appreciation from the Society to the out-going Editor in Chief, Dr. Ravichandran for his committed works in revamping of journal website, initiating online mode of submission of manuscripts and linking the National Journal of Clinical Anatomy with the Journal Management System by the Thieme Publishers for the publication of the journal.

    The Joint editor’s report emphasized the members to send manuscripts of quality research work to the journal so that attempts to get our journal indexed in DOAJ and PubMed would be successful. Dr.W.M.S. Johnson, the founder member of SOCA suggested to strengthen the board of reviewers and insisted that non- medical faculty members cannot be reviewers of the manuscripts and the names of two international non-medical faculty members should be removed from editorial board and asked the Editor-in-chief to look into the matter.

  4. Issues related to National Journal of Clinical Anatomy : It was unanimously decided in the meeting that Dr. Kumar Sathish Ravi from AIIMS, Rishikesh would be taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the National Journal of Clinical Anatomy as Dr. Ravichandran’s tenure is over.

    During further discussion, Dr. Krishnaveni Sharath from Chennai put forth that the publication charges of our journal were high and suggested that it might be normalized so that more people would be willing to send quality articles to the journal. Dr. S.L. Jethani from Dehradun suggested that the members of SOCA might be given financial support for publication and charges should depend on the number of pages, tables, figures - black and white/colour, etc.,

    Dr. Anuradha Baruah from Assam suggested a two tier system in which those who had presented the paper in the SOCA conferences could be given a subsidy for publication of the same paper in the SOCA journal (National Journal of Clinical Anatomy) on attaching a copy of the certificate for presenting the paper in the conference. It was decided in the general body meeting that the editorial board of the journal would consider the afore mentioned suggestions.

    Dr. M.K. Pant from Dehradun requested the members of the editorial board to do the needful to get the journal indexed in agencies approved recently by the Medical Council of India. It was accepted in the meeting and it was stated that the work had been already initiated by the editorial board. Dr. S. Karthick from Chennai asked to look into the possibility of increasing the number of pages and issues of the journal. Few members suggested that the reviewers should rise up the standard to take the journal to the next level.

    It was put forth in the meeting that the journal account was not audited yet since there was a need for separate PAN number for journal account. Further, the President of SOCA expressed her difficulty to continue as a co-signatory for the journal account due to her other commitments. Hence, it was proposed in the meeting to induct Dr. Krishnaveni Sharath from Chennai as a co-signatory along with Dr.W.M.S. Johnson. The general body accepted the proposal unanimously and Dr. Krishnaveni Sharath was appointed as co-signatory for the journal account and she would work it out for getting a separate PAN number for the journal account.

  5. Venue of the next SOCA conference : Discussion for finalizing the venue for the next SOCA conference was held. The following venues were proposed by the General Secretary in the meeting: Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun – Uttarakhand (Dr. S. L. Jethani), Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation (SGMC&RF), Trivandrum – Kerala (Dr. K. Chandra Kumari) and Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bengaluru – Karnataka (Dr. Jayanthi). After deliberate discussions among the members, it was unanimously decided to conduct the next conference in Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun – Uttarakhand.

  6. Discussion and Decision about the induction of new office bearers and EC members to fill any vacancy based on need and based on any specific official request by any SOCA member : No fresh request for executive committee membership was received. The request from Dr. Jitendra Patel, Ahmedabad to become the Joint Secretary of SOCA was unanimously accepted by the members.

  7. Compilation of details of SOCA members with their photographs : The General Secretary informed the members that Dr. Girija Kumari from Trivandrum, Kerala had suggested that the details of the SOCA Life Members (photo, e-mail ID, contact details, etc.,) might be prepared and uploaded in the SOCA Website in pdf format so that it would be useful for all Clinical Anatomists to get connected. Further, the General Secretary informed that she had already discussed with the following Kerala members regarding the afore mentioned work:Dr. Rajad (Alappuzha), Dr. Aswathy Maria Oommen (Trivandrum), Dr. Soumya Haridas (Calicut), Dr. Seena (Thrissur) and Dr. Anju George (Kottayam). It was discussed and approved in the meeting that the compilation and uploading of details could be done with the consent from individual members and also the organizing secretaries of the recent SOCA conferences can be requested to share the registration details which will be helpful in compilation of details.

  8. Upgradation of SOCA Website : Dr. V. Gladwin from Pondicherry put forth a proposal to upgrade the Society Website to more dynamic, mobile friendly and updated one. The members unanimously approved the proposal and felt the necessity to appoint an exclusive webmaster for SOCA website to facilitate the up-gradation. Dr. G. Durga Devi from Chennai was proposed as Webmaster of SOCA. The members accepted the proposal and Dr. G. Durga Devi was appointed as Webmaster of our SOCA website https://www.clinicalanatomists.org. She would be co-ordinating the upgradation of SOCA Website in consultation with Dr. V. Gladwin, Associate Secretary of SOCA.

  9. New Life Members of the Society : The General Secretary put forth a resolution to approve the Clinical Anatomists who had been admitted as New Life Members after due verification during the last year. The Members unanimously approved the resolution and welcomed the New Life Members to the Society.

  10. Other Items : The General Secretary, Dr. N. Muthukumaravel informed that the society had given representation to the Board of Governors (MCI) to increase the faculty strength in the subject of Anatomy and other issues related to Clinical Anatomists. Dr. M.K. Pant from Dehradun suggested reforming the Anatomy curriculum and giving representation to the new National Medical Commission (NMC) also. The General Secretary informed the General Body that the AIPCMA (All India Pre & Para Clinical Medicos Association) also working for the Welfare of Clinical Anatomists and asked the members to join AIPCMA also.

  11. Then, the General Body was pronounced over by the President.

            Dr. N. Muthukumaravel                    Dr. Gunapriya Raghunath
            General Secretary                            President
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