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1. To unite clinical anatomists worldwide.
2. To promote professional development among clinical anatomists.
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3. To foster exchange of ideas and research among clinical anatomists.
4. To commit to quality and integrity in clinical anatomy, through adherence to a formalised Code of      Professional Conduct
5. To promote the development of different divisions of anatomy.
6. To encourage collaborative research in anatomy and related fields.
7. To promote the highest quality of teaching and research in anatomy and the professional      application of anatomy in the promotion of medical education and health.
8. To promote the objectives of the organisation by way of meetings and conferences, by way of a      periodical to all members of the association and by raising issues of significance, before      appropriate forums.
9. This society is NOT oriented to any political parties.
10.This society is a non profit organisation. All members and managing persons are not offered any       monetary or non-monetary gains from the society. All surplus gains are to be used, to develop       society improvement programmes only.
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